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Explore our range

Our Products

INDO Durajet

Your Car’s Heart Beat. Indo DURAJET®, a special-purpose car battery, has been a symbol of trust with many top car brands.

INDO Solaris

INDO has an outstanding reputation internationally & domestically, as excellent for Battery Manufacturing with Innovation of strength.

INDO Red L Tower Tubular

Built For More Red Life. You want more out of everything which is what INDO RED L TOWER TUBULAR delivers.

INDO Red L Tubular

You desire more out of everything, we deliver. Thanks to the world class quality and best-in-class technology, we offer you more than just extra life.

INDO Invaafusion

Indo INVAAFUSION® has been a symbol of trust with some of the most trusted world class brands.

INDO Endura

Endura batteries are excellence built for reliable & Innovative performance within the affordable range for multiple applications that enhance the quality of life

INDO Tower Tubular

The Towering Power Indo Tower Tubular battery is an all-purpose continuous source of power.

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