Discover who we are

About Indo Batteries

Discover who we are

About Indo Batteries

Passion is identified from the excellence of the product produced, and INDO Batteries have brought multiple small but significant elements like innovation in technology, technical experience, hard work, and passion together to develop a best-performing, reliable, and trustworthy power product on multiple fronts.
INDO Battery thrives to become a stakeholder with a bright future toward clean power. INDO Battery is pushing hard to raise the bar and contribute to India’s growth. With its three decades of experience, INDO is now ready to grow & expand its horizon while developing the network through partners.

History in details

History and Milestone

Our Misison

A strong commitment to provide the best technology and service Continuous improvement in production and product. To identify and understand customers present and future needs. To stay connected to all customers with the help of wide network.To achieve high performance and maximum uptime. To maintain quality control audits and management solutions.

Our Vision

We strive to fulfil our mission to take the company to new heights of success by following key principles of Quality, Teamwork, Innovation, Enhancing ability, Updating and Customer satisfaction.


With its insistence on high standards of ethics, INDO has built a reputation of being trustworthy and enduring enterprise. We value in laying foundation of faith and growing together.

Quality Excellance

We are an internationally recognized ISO 9001 organization. We view the pursuit of quality as the most basic and important lifeline, and work incessantly to attain the highest standards.

Our company has been certified by an external qualification evaluation organization that is recognized internationally on excellent production and has obtained ISO 9001 certificate and other certificates.

Throughout more than 30+ years of work, we have continuously demonstrated commitment to green production, abiding by our pursuit of not only stable quality but also eco-friendly social responsibility.

Management Philosophy

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Awards & Accolades

Indo batteries have collected some celebrating & proud moments while walking on the milestones of achieving goals. Awards & accolades encouraging the team and family of Indo.

Leadership Team

Team INDO is a united bunch of professionals with rich experience and competence in power industry. Work is worship for them. The religion of this team is to stay united and pave way to success in every mission and target set by the organization. The invincible Team-INDO has been instrumental in all departments of our day to day activities.




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