INDO Endura

Endura is Excellence made affordable.
INDO Battery is more than extra life; it is excellence built for reliable and innovative performance with cutting-edge technology.
We proudly present INDO Endura for extra strength, efficiency, and speed. Endura is a product with a wide range of applications at an affordable price.
Explore the possibilities of INDO Endura that help enhance the quality of life.



Fused Fusion Welding Technology (FFT) method provides for longer life.

Strong & rugged container with heat sealed cover & handless for easy lifting.

Micro porous aqua trap ceramic vent plug with electrolyte.

Deep cycle design with very low maintenance.

Superior active material for excellent discharge performance.

Supplied on factory charge & tested condition.



Designing a long-lasting power source Indo batteries for all purposes is an indigenous need. Indo batteries brand is a multi-purpose solution provider in the space of power supplying products due to its cutting edge technology and innovation. Tubular batteries can be operated for both commercial and non-commercial purposes It is suitable for multi-activities, where power-cut can cause heavy damages Batteries are designed for withstanding long and frequent power breaks. Indo batteries are manufactured with world-class infrastructure and technical edge which makes Indo batteries a deliverable partner of reliability & trust. Indo batteries are making their footprint on the global stage supplying a varied range of batteries and expanding their horizons and performance with each passing day.

INDO Endura


Battery type Capacity @ C-20 Length (Mm) Width (Mm) Height (Mm)
IT-130 130 AH 504 189 460
IT-165 165 AH 504 189 460
IT-200 200 AH 504 189 460
IT-220 220 AH 504 189 460

INDO Endura


Battery Type Capacity @ C-20 Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
ET 165 165 AH 505 190 467
ET 200 200 AH 505 190 467
ET 240 240 AH 505 190 467
ETJ 150 150 AH 517 274 343
ETJ 180 180 AH 517 274 343


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