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With an excellent reputation internationally
and domestically, INDO stands for Battery
Manufacturing with Innovation
of Strength.

Indo Durajet Your Car's Heartbeat

A next generation power house for your vehicle
It is durable, powerful and safe
Be on the move, always

Indo Invaafusion Trust Is Going Places

A symbol of trust with world class brands.
Designed to sustain frequent power cuts, it is low maintenance.
It has empowered corporate, industrial and commercial sectors.

Indo Tower Tubular The Towering Power

Your All Purpose Continuous Source of Power,
the Fused Fusion Welding Technology provides longer life.
Let go of your worries and indulge in the 360° benefits.

Indo Red L Tubular Built for more Life

Batteries that offer you more than extra life.
Technology that is designed to enhance the
quality of life and offer you incredible possibilities.

Indo Solaris Sole Energy: Its Solar Energy

Batteries that offer you more than extra life.
Technology that is designed to enhance the
quality of life and offer you incredible possibilities.

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INDO Batteries Managing Director Mr. Dnyanesh Lohokare being felicitated at the hands of Mr. Kalraj Mishra Ji, Union Cabinet Minister of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises,

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INDO participated in the 10th Power On Internation Expo held in January at Noida. This annual power meet was held in association with Federation of Small Scale Battery Association.

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